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Klingstone Paths Frequently asked Questions

- How much does Klingstone Paths cost?

The prices of the raw materials in Klingstone Paths fluctuate. To keep our prices as low as possible our prices fluctuate accordingly. For a current price list call 800 942 5151 or e-mail us.

- Do you sell to direct to homeowners?

Absolutely. You don't have to work in construction to use Klingstone Paths.

- How do you apply Klingstone Paths?

Application of Klingstone Paths can be as easy as watering your garden. For small jobs all you need is the product and a simple garden watering can. Klingstone Paths is a single component (no mixing is required). For detailed instructions on application click here.

- Is Klingstone Paths environmentally friendly (GREEN)?

Yes, Klingstone Paths cures to an inert substance. It will not leach into the surrounding environment. It allows water to percolate and no heavy machinery is used to apply the product.

- Where can we purchase Klingstone Paths?

Klingstone Paths cannot be found in stores. To keep prices of the product as low as possible we sell direct to the customer. If you are interested in placing an order please call us at 800 942 5151 or e-mail us.

- What sized containers do you sell the product in?

Currently we sell Klingstone Paths in three different containers. 1 and 5 Gallon pails which are used mainly for smaller or residential jobs and 55 gallon drums geared toward commercial and larger scale jobs.

- What is the coverage rate of Klingstone Paths?

Each job is different. Contact us and we will help you decide what coverage rate is most appropriate for your project.

If you have questions that have not been answered here please call
800 942 5151 or e-mail us and we will be glad to help.