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  1. The aggregate depth or thickness should be at least 3 inches for a pathway. More depth is needed for a driveway application.

  2. The aggregate must be dry. If there is moisture allow the aggregate to dry prior to application of the Klingstone.

  3. The porosity, aggregate size and absorptive properties of the aggregate will determine the coverage. Apply enough Klingstone to completely cover surface stones. For large, coarse aggregate, two or three lighter applications are better than one heavy application. Some adjustments to the application technique must be made to accommodate the individual conditions encountered. Compaction with a roller is advisable with some aggregate materials.

  4. For a more designed appearance an edging (form on sides) is recommended.

  5. Cover nearby building foundations and other masonry surfaces to avoid staining from drips or splashing.

  6. Do not allow traffic on the curing Klingstone. (24 hours or until completely tack free)

Not to be construed as a specification.  All site conditions are unique. Test first.
No warranty, expressed or implied, including patent warranties or merchantability or fitness for use are made with respect to this product.