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Before using Klingstone Paths read important information below. Download Adobe Reader
Klingstone Paths: MSDS Liquid
Klingstone Paths: MSDS Cured
Klingstone Paths: Tech Data
Klingstone Paths: Sample Spec
Klingstone Paths: MSDS Klear
Klingstone Paths: Klear Cured

No Warranties



  • Don't apply product until after you've read MSDS. (Above)
  • Don't apply product onto wet or damp aggregate or ground. Rule of thumb: Three days without rain.
  • Don't allow product to touch skin.
  • Don't breathe fumes.
  • Don't over apply. Coat surface stones only. You can always apply more.
  • Don't allow product to get on anything you don't want it on. Removing it is extremely difficult.
  • Don't apply when rain is expected within six hours. Cure time will vary with the temperature and humidity.


  • Read MSDS before applying. (Above)
  • Test on small area before ordering large quantities.
  • Wear gloves, long sleeved shirt, long pants.
  • Wear safety goggles.
  • If foaming occurs (ground too damp) crush foam – stop applying.

Note: Foaming may occur up to two hours after application. Be vigilant for “mushrooms” or bubbles – break them up with a broom, rake or other instrument.

  • When applying with watering can (or a bucket with holes in bottom) make holes 1/8” in diameter or larger. Test. For large projects where pumps will be used consult Klingstone Paths, LLC 800-942-5151.
  • If a clean edge is desired use a form on the sides of the path.


  • Klingstone Paths is shipped world wide under USDOT Class 55 – Non-Hazardous.
  • The warmer the product the less viscous (thinner) it will be – and vice versa. If Klingstone Paths product is too cold it will be too thick to dispense. (Warm up) Ideally product should be 70° or warmer. Okay up to 100°F.
  • The product does not waterproof stones. It allows percolation.
  • For very small applications use plastic catsup bottle to dispense. This is also a good method for applying to edges - where neatness counts.
  • Klingstone Paths may be re-applied. Liquid Klingstone Paths adheres tenaciously to cured Klingstone Paths.
  • Klingstone Paths is a permanent application. Once in place it will be there for decades unless physically removed.
  • If it must be removed, break up and discard. The cured product is inert and non-hazardous.


Depending on the aggregate (stones) used Klingstone Paths may be SLIPPERY WHEN WET! If so, re-apply thin coat of Klingstone Paths and broadcast sand on top before it dries. The sand should make a non-skid surface. Test!